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The Experience

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Center Ring Yacht Rental is a premier charter service based in beautiful Sarasota, FL, offering unforgettable experiences on the water. Our luxurious yacht, aptly named Center Ring, provides an exquisite setting for sunset cruises, where guests can witness the breathtaking hues of the evening sky. For those seeking an enchanting adventure, we also offer overnight charters, allowing you to indulge in the tranquility of the ocean under the starlit canopy. Additionally, our extended charter trips provide the ultimate escape, granting you the opportunity to explore the stunning coastline and nearby islands at your leisure. With Sarasota Charters, prepare for an extraordinary journey and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

The Yacht

Center Ring Yacht

Welcome to the epitome of luxury yacht charter services in Sarasota, FL, where we proudly present the Center Ring, a magnificent 116-foot Lazzara vessel. Our charter service offers an unparalleled experience, providing guests with the opportunity to explore the pristine waters of the Gulf Coast in utmost comfort and style. With its spacious layout, state-of-the-art amenities, and elegant furnishings, the Center Ring sets the stage for an unforgettable voyage. Whether you desire a serene sunset cruise, an overnight adventure, or an extended charter, our dedicated crew ensures a seamless and opulent experience tailored to your every desire aboard the Center Ring.

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  • What is the Maximum Number of Patrons?
    Unless otherwise specified in the charter description, the maximum number of passengers allowed on board while underway is 12 as per USCG regulation for vessels of over 100 gross tons but not more than 300 gross tons with at least one paying passenger on board. An additional 8 guests for a total of 20 will be allowed while the vessel is berthed with advance permission from the owner or captain.
  • What is the Cruising Area for a Single Day Charter?
    The Cruising Area will be confined to the waters between Venice, FL and St. Petersburg, FL and waters up to 7 miles offshore. The cruise will begin and end in Sarasota or agreed upon port.
  • Are There Any Conditions or Policies for the Center Ring?
    - The Guest shall comply, and ensure that all Guests comply, with the laws of the USA, State of Florida, and the various counties and municipalities that the M/Y Center Ring may traverse during the Event Period. - The Guest shall ensure that the behavior of all Guests shall not cause a nuisance to any person on the waters or on shore. - All Guests shall afford the Owner, Captain, and Crew due respect at all times and shall not subject them to any type of harassment (sexual or otherwise).
  • Are Pets Allowed On Board?
    There will be no pets or other animals allowed on board.
  • Is Smoking Permitted on the Charter?
    Smoking, under no circumstances, will be allowed in the interior of the vessel. Smoking will be allowed on the main deck both fore and aft.
  • What can I expect from a yacht rental Sarasota experience?
    Our yacht rental Sarasota is a luxury yacht charter that provides an unforgettable journey on Sarasota Bay and beyond. Guests can enjoy premier amenities and tailored services on our Center Ring Motor Yacht.
  • How can I schedule a Sarasota yacht rental?
    You can schedule a Sarasota yacht rental through our website. We offer single-day, overnight, or extended yacht charters, providing a variety of luxurious experiences to choose from.
  • What is included in the Sarasota yacht charter?
    The Sarasota yacht charter includes a captain, first mate, and stew. Depending on the charter package, fuel, and catering options may also be included.
  • How is the experience of Sarasota Yacht charters different from regular yacht hires?
    Our Sarasota yacht charters offer a bespoke service that is designed to exceed your expectations at every turn. With our team's commitment to exceptional service, you are sure to enjoy an unforgettable journey.
  • Do you provide boat charter Sarasota services in addition to yacht charters?
    We primarily focus on luxury yacht charters. For those interested in boat charter Sarasota services for shorter durations or smaller groups, we recommend exploring local options in Sarasota.
  • Are there opportunities for boat rental in Sarasota?
    At present, we specialize in luxury yacht charters but there are plenty of boat rental Sarasota companies that we can direct you to for shorter-term hire.
  • What should I expect from a Sarasota charter boat experience?
    A Sarasota charter boat experience on the Center Ring Motor Yacht means embarking on an extraordinary journey tailored to meet your every need, from beautiful sunset cruises to extravagant extended charters.
  • Can I hire several Sarasota charter boats for large group events?
    Currently, we have one yacht available for charter. For larger events requiring multiple Sarasota charter boats, we would suggest reaching out to local companies specializing in large fleet services.
  • What makes Sarasota boats stand out?
    Sarasota boats, like our Center Ring Motor Yacht, are renowned for their elegance, comfort, and exceptional service. They provide an unparalleled way to experience Sarasota's bay and beyond.
  • Do you offer a preview of the Sarasota boat prior to renting?
    While we encourage everyone to experience the luxury of our Sarasota boat firsthand, we currently don't offer preview tours of the yacht due to its exclusive use for scheduled charter experiences.
  • Can you share more details about yacht Sarasota?
    Our yacht Sarasota, the Center Ring Motor Yacht, offers catered experiences. With maximum guest capacities of 12 for single-day or overnight charters and 6 for extended charters, it’s the ideal setting for various luxurious journeys.
  • Are Sarasota boat tours available with you?
    Our offering is primarily yacht charters for half-day, full-day, or multi-day voyages. However, a carefully curated journey aboard our yacht can offer an exclusive Sarasota boat tour experience unlike any other.
  • Is there an option for Sarasota boat rentals besides yacht charters?
    While we focus on luxury yacht charters, there are numerous Sarasota boat rentals companies in the area that can cater to your needs if looking for smaller vessel rentals.
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