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Niles Garden

Niles Garden is a distinguished CEO, real estate consultant, and entrepreneur hailing from Sarasota County, Florida. As the visionary leader of Downtown Living Inc. and a national entertainment powerhouse, he stands at the forefront of both real estate management and the entertainment industry. His leadership has cemented the legacy of his businesses in Sarasota and beyond.

His entertainment venture, Monster Truckz, is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit, soaring to become the second-largest monster truck show globally under his guidance. His ties to the esteemed Garden Bros Circus, a family-run circus with a history spanning over a century, underscore his deep roots in the entertainment world. Today, this circus is recognized as the largest on the planet.

Away from the business realm, he is an ardent supporter of numerous charitable causes and nonprofits, contributing significantly within Sarasota County and across the nation. His leisure activities include flying, sailing, and cherished moments with his family, enriching his personal life with diverse experiences.

Current Roles & Duties

His entrepreneurial journey has seen the creation of numerous successful companies. Currently, he helms STELLAR ENTERTAINMENT GROUP INC. and Downtown Living Inc., both pivotal in shaping Sarasota County's business landscape.


He presides over STELLAR ENTERTAINMENT GROUP INC., an influential entertainment company that offers authentic family adventures. This entity oversees renowned brands such as Garden Bros Circus and Monster Truckz. Celebrating over a century of family entertainment, Garden Bros Circus holds the title of the biggest circus worldwide.

Monster Truckz stands out for its thrilling extreme motorsports events, featuring tours named Extreme, Mayhem, and Chaos. These events promise an unforgettable monster truck experience spanning one-and-a-half hours of exhilarating action. Fans also enjoy free Pit Parties, offering a behind-the-scenes look at the colossal trucks and their drivers. Niles Garden also directs Garden Motorsports Inc., which houses these spectacular shows.

Operating from Sarasota, he ensures these entertainment spectacles reach over 100 million Americans annually, showcasing his adept management from the company's home base.

Downtown Living Inc.

As an accomplished property management expert and real estate consultant, he founded Downtown Living Inc. in 2013. This company serves a broad spectrum of clients in residential and commercial sectors across Florida's Gulf Coast, specializing in managing seasonal properties with efficiency and expertise.

His role as both owner and senior broker allows him to guide Downtown Living Inc. towards delivering exceptional service and maximizing investment returns, consistently surpassing client expectations.

Professional Skills

His professional journey has equipped him with an extensive set of skills and expertise in several critical areas:

  • Advertising

  • Business development

  • Entertainment

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Event management

  • Event planning

  • Investment evaluation

  • Investment property sales

  • Marketing

  • Marketing strategy

  • New business development

  • Property management

  • Real estate

  • Social media

  • Social media marketing


Throughout his career, he has received numerous awards, notably from SRQ Magazine, for his outstanding contributions to property planning and architecture. SRQ Magazine, a prominent Sarasota publication, enjoys a readership of over 70,000, including some of the most creative and influential residents of Sarasota and Manatee counties.

His achievements also include accolades for his innovative pool and landscaping designs and his commitment to sustainable building practices, highlighted by his LEED-certified projects that support environmentally responsible building and development.

Charitable Involvement

He maintains a solid philanthropic presence, supporting various nonprofits and causes that resonate with his commitment to community and development. His contributions include significant financial support to the Circus Arts Conservatory in Sarasota, which focuses on educational outreach and improving local youth's quality of life.

He also supports educational initiatives at Phillippi Shores Elementary School, further demonstrating his dedication to fostering community well-being.

Personal Life

He resides with his family in Sarasota, known for its vibrant cultural scene and proximity to Florida's picturesque Gulf Coast beaches. His home, built in 2016, is located in one of Sarasota's most desirable neighborhoods, exemplifying his deep connection to the area.

In his downtime, he engages in hobbies such as flying and sailing, reflecting his passion for adventure and a balanced lifestyle. This blend of professional success, community involvement, and personal fulfillment characterizes his life, making him a respected and influential figure in both his professional and personal circles.

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